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Before you get started, make sure you’ve read the guidelines carefully.















Ideas Kitchen Application (Video)

You can get involved whether you have an idea to share, or simply want to support creative projects in your area. 

Create a short video to introduce yourself and your idea. Please make sure to include:

  • what your idea is, how many people are involved and what the outcome would be
  • why you are passionate about your idea
  • what impact it will have in your community
  • what your plans are for after you’ve delivered your idea

Videos can be up to three minutes long and don’t worry, we’re not judging these based on your camera skills! Feel free to record your application video in your kitchen or a conference room and just let us know why you’re passionate about benefiting the community of Waltham Forest. 

Make sure that you have read the guidelines and uploaded your video application and budget before submitting.